Mike Fernott & Pippa Birch


Freelance v Employed: Engaging To Win

A view from both sides of the fence

Mike and Pippa have significant experience dealing with both sides of the coin. Pippa maintains freelancers add more value, while Mike is convinced working within a company provides greater insight and ability to understand what the customer wants. Both are excellent writers and bid managers, but which one will you side with? Whether in-house or freelance, this interactive workshop and debate will help writers and managers to connect with customers every time. 

Mike Fernott works for Hitachi and has over a decade of experience as bid manager and writer in sectors including construction, defence, energy and fleet management. After 12 employed years bidding in highways and construction, Pippa Birch made the leap into freelancing through her company Pipster Solutions. She has built up an impressive client base and a string of wins across several sectors over the last four years.