Mike Belch & Sarah Rowen


Lost on the Asteroid: Life-Critical Self-Assessment for Team Building

An interactive session providing behaviour analysis

In a group, are you a leader, a follower, an interferer or an observer? What specific behaviour could you adopt to consistently improve your contributions and the effectiveness of any group you join? In this engaging, interactive game, participants form small groups to solve a hypothetical life-or-death situation. Challenges involve both technical assessment of the problem and negotiation of the group's response. At its conclusion, each player will hold a private, self-generated numeric score, which tells him/her what actions he/she took and how that behaviour contributed to the ultimate survival or death of the team.

Mike Belch is a PMO and Risk Management consultant. He believes that true understanding of overall riskiness is key to project success and effective risk management is a team effort. Mike thinks more Project and PMO people should be involved in bids because it gives better continuity following contract award.

Sarah Rowen leads the Harmonic ‘Grow your own bid team’ programme - where bright, new recruits are taken through an intensive period of training, coaching and practical work to help them find their feet in the competitive world of bidding.