Jon Kershaw & John Barker


Why Contracts Matter

A basic understanding of contracts can help you win more bids

Contracts can be daunting and off-putting for bid managers - but having a basic understanding of the contract will improve their contribution to the bid process and engagement with the customer. Using a high level of audience participation, Jon will provide some valuable understanding of a few important legal principles and provide illustrations of where bidders have lost out through poor contract understanding. Jon’s session will include an interactive RACI debate on key players in the process, insight into deconstruction and reviewing of contracts and the identification of risks and issues.

Jon Kershaw is the Commercial Director for Breathe Energy, with responsibility for pre- and post- contract commercial management on a portfolio of multi-£m energy construction projects. He has established bidcomservices ltd to helps client win new business and improve the commercial management of existing contracts.

John Barker is a solicitor and a commercial contract specialist with Metis Law LLP, a legal 500 recognised law firm.