John Fernau & Andy Haigh


How To Prepare Your Losing Bid

Practical examples of how your submission can inadvertently create a negative impression on evaluators

Playing the part of a cavalier supplier, Andy Haigh will send a number of example bid snippets for John Fernau to evaluate. John will critique the extracts and demonstrate why they would not have resonated with the evalusators as the bidder intended, giving examples that include the unexpected and bizarre – and all of them actually happened. Extracts from recent real public sector bids, sanitised and abbreviated where appropriate, will be used to underpin the presentation.

John Fernau was formerly head of procurement at the Olympic Delivery Authority and subsequently became Commercial Director of the Home Office, managing a spend of £2.8bn pa and leading a procurement team of 220. As Sixfold International’s founder and lead business strategist, Andy Haigh has amassed years of experience in driving bids of all sizes to a successful conclusion and is an authority on bidding and tendering legislation.