Business Justification

A valuable benefit we gain by attending conference is the wide-ranging industry intelligence gleaned through networking with our professional peers, but in addition to that are other significant advantages:

Hands-on personal development all in one convenient place – practical skills across the capture and proposal disciplines which can be immediately applied to live bids

A prime opportunity to increase your understanding of the challenges faced by procurement officers, whether public or private sector – and armed with this knowledge, improve your responses accordingly

Acquire first-hand insightsinto the latest commercial, tech and regulatory innovations and stay ahead in best practice

Guided by experts, analyse case studies and learn from the achievements and mistakes of others

Catch up with the latest industry software and services by talking to our conference exhibitors

Show you care: visible investment in the development of your company’s people

Check out the market - meet potential recruits and consultants who could fill gaps in your bidding team or provide niche skills on demand

A group of like-minded practitioners, APMP UK shares knowledge, methods and experience to enable members to maximise their effectiveness when bidding for business contracts. APMP UK is part of a global network devoted to these aims. We are a not for profit association managed and run by volunteers.

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