Graeme Robson & Peter Marshall


Playing The Evaluation Game

Use evaluation inconsistencies to win

As bidders, we know that evaluation criteria are not perfect. Procurers are also realising that they often create unpredictable results, but are committed to the process or unable to change it. Analysis by experts reveals an opportunity to find your optimum price and compliance point.

Discover how playing with levels of compliance can actually help you win, even when priced higher than your competitors. Graeme Robson and Peter Marshall, each offering twenty years of experience of advising bidders and procurers respectively, provide unique insights. Both will convince you that there is competitive advantage to be gained of which many bidders are completely unaware.

Peter Marshall is Head of Professional Services at Commerce Decisions, advising Government, Defence and Commercial procurement teams to make better decisions with improved value for money.

Graeme Robson is a Director at Shipley, helping bidders to engage with customers to understand the real requirements, develop the ideal strategy and make sure the bid supports the win.