Chris Colquitt & Greg Morgan


Anyone can draw! 

Creating infographics

Infographics occupy a unique category. They can even encapsulate entire pitch summaries in one go! Bid professionals sometimes shy away from creating them, believing they require artistic talent or high spend. Here, two seasoned infographics experts will lay both misconceptions to rest. They’ve designed and delivered world class infographics within tender timescales. And yet neither can draw! Chris and Greg walk you through processes they use to design insightful, compelling infographics. They create, live on stage, a graphic that delegates can take away as a training aid.

Chris Colquitt, proposal lead at Thomson Reuters, supports the team delivering IP and science solutions, from curing cancer to sending people into space.

Greg Morgan heads up Hobs’ creative studio in London and has 18 years’ experience in print and digital design, branding, marketing collateral, mobile, web, packaging and exhibitions.